Capsule Color Collection

After years of saving money and compiling ideas, I am releasing my first ever Little White Pouch Capsule Collection of readymade, colored stone engagement rings. Inspired by my very own non-traditional colored stone engagement ring, I have personally designed a mini selection of dainty rings also based on LWP's popular designs.

This capsule collection is very special because it features rare colored stones that will make for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or an affordable but unique everyday ring! This is one of my goals for Little White Pouch: to show that colored stone engagement rings are just as beautiful and valuable as Diamond Rings. What makes it even more special is that this collection came to life because of LWP supporters! I am happy to have helped couples looking for engagement rings at a reasonable price. Today, on Little White Pouch's 3rd anniversary, I am proud to introduce my Colored Stone Engagement Ring collection!

(ANNIE) The front runner for this line is no other than my very own engagement ring, an oval Rose Quartz with a diamond halo set in 14k solid rose gold. Years after my engagement to my now husband, father to my child, I still love wearing my Rose Quartz ring and it has always caught the attention of many. I also have since then recreated variations of my own engagement ring for other happy girls!



(ARIELLE) This Aquamarine solitaire ring is my attempt at tweaking a classic design into something fun and modern. I enjoy discovering little quirks in jewelry. In this case, Aquamarine's blue color contrasting against the rose gold band is a pleasant surprise.



(AQUATA) I like to think of Aquata as Arielle’s more extra older sister. This Aquamarine with extra sparklers on the side is a more feisty mature version of our little Arielle. With her diamond encrusted Rose Gold band and clear as water clarity, she’s always dressed to the nines.



(FELICITY) I cannot have an anniversary collection without including an Alexandrite ring. Set in the popular three-stone setting, this round Alexandrite with 0.03 carat side diamonds in 14k rose gold is sought after because of its distinct color change characteristic.



(ROSÉ) When your love for wine and precious gems come together and create your type of sparkle, our darling Rosé is the product. Cushion cuts and Spinels are very underrated in my opinion, but here we have created this pretty pink piece that was understandably a crowd favorite.



(THATCHER) Speaking of crowd favorites, I’d like to introduce Thatcher, a 1 carat emerald cut London Blue Topaz set in a diamond encrusted Rose Gold band, that stole the show every time. Named after the strong-willed Margaret Thatcher, I feel like just wearing this ring will give its wearer that certain boost, whether it is strength or confidence, simply by its distinct appearance.



(TEMPEST) Lastly, to end this post “not with a fizzle but with a bang”, we have Tempest, a cushion cut grey Spinel with a fancy basket profile with diamond side stones set in Rose Gold. When you’ve been labeled as “The Tempest”, you should definitely play the part! Just the stone itself looks as if it’s brewing something wild.


I am hesitant to say that these rings are what made Little White Pouch what it is today, but they really did. Along with the help of our valued clientele, I have always appreciated how my artistry and craft are challenged. I look forward to creating more beautiful and ingenious pieces with you and for you! ❤️