The story of the sun and moon is a sad one. Always in the same sky but never destined to meet. The never-ending chase may last for one revolution, sometimes even more, but there is that rare instance where they finally cross paths.

As college best friends, Fe and Jason have alway been constants in each other’s lives. According to Fe, it was hard to picture her and Jason “together”. It was so unlikely to happen that even family and friends were surprised with their union, just as unlikely that the moon and sun will meet. But Jason believed that they could work and that made Fe also believe. 

The story of the sun and moon is a sad story but it is also a love story. Inhabiting the same sky, the sun and moon live together and off each other. At night, the sun will hide itself to give way to the moon, and the moon - although not always seen during the day - lets the sun’s warmth envelope the world during daytime.

Being reminded of her own moon - Jason, Fe instantly gravitated towards the Aurora ring, a rectangular Moonstone flanked by Diamonds set in a 14 karat Rose gold band, not knowing that a year later she will be proposed with it a few days short of her birthday! It was so casual and quiet just like their love, like how the sun and moon comfortably exist with each other.

Fe and Jason’s sun and moon love story is far from a sad one, and Fe was kind enough to share this with us and how their neverending chase came to an end on an ordinary but

“Fast forward, a few days before my birthday, he gave me my gift in advance. It happened so casually I thought it was a joke. But then I saw the Aurora ring and I knew. After more than six years of being together and dreaming of "that moment" for a hundred times, I was so sure I'd know what to say. But boy, I was mute. Later that night, we hugged and slow danced while he sang "Unchained Melody" by Kenny Rogers (He is not a singer! Lol. But I got kilig still). No fuss, no grand gestures, just quiet like our love.

So that is it Ms Yani, for a summary of our love story. Haha! You and your team are now part of it.”


"But once in a while, they do catch up. And they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.”