Introducing our present collection, Today, where each ring is named after a day in the week. Set in unassuming, simple, and classic settings that will remind us how each day — no matter how simple, routinary, or imperfect — is a new and special day.



Say hello to your “favorite” day, Monday. This little pear-shaped Diamond is small in size but is definitely sturdy, as if it carries all the responsibilities of the week and some piled up leftover work of the weekend! Monday ring is a strong one who is able to run, manage, and accomplish!

(0.20 carat pear-shaped Grey rustic Diamond flanked by 0.008 carat Blue Diamonds set in 14 karat Rose Gold.)



Tuesdays are usually overlooked serving as a filler day after the dreaded Monday and anticipated weekend. Not our Tuesday. With her unique shape and pretty lavender color, the Tuesday Rustic Diamond ring is not something you should skip out on! Just look at how the stone stands strong and proud deliberately asking for your attention!

(Radiant cut Salt and Pepper Purple Diamond with tapered baguette Diamonds side stones set in 14 karat Rose Gold.)



Quoting from the best movie of all time: “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” - Mean Girls

While the hump day has us craving for the weekend and also wondering when work will end, our Wednesday ring will bring pink sunshine in the middle of an otherwise tiring week! Its pastel color can brighten up a gloomy mood and lift up your fatigued spirit.

This 0.27 carat Pink Rustic Diamond with a halo of tiny diamonds is more sweet girl than mean girl.

(Pink rustic Diamond with halo of melee Diamonds set in 14 karat Rose Gold.)



Thursdays may seem mundane when compared to the upcoming weekend but it’s still a step closer to “freedom” and our last chance to sneak in some productivity to the workweek. The Thursday ring is for the busy bee, small enough to be unobtrusive but still eye-catching with its golden glow!

(0.21 carat pear-shaped Yellow Rustic Diamond in 14 karat Yellow Gold)



Since a bottle of champagne is not yet appropriate at this hour, I’m saying cheers to the weekend with this Champagne Diamond ring instead. The new normal may have changed our regular routine, habit has us still looking forward to Fridays! The Friday ring is a warm welcome to the weekend, or any day actually!

(0.34 carat Asscher cut Champagne Diamond flanked by tapered baguette diamonds set in 14 karat Yellow Gold.)



Saturdays are always sweet, as sweet as this Pale Pink rustic Diamond ring! The Saturday ring is the perfect ring cause its calming palette sets the perfect mood to relax and chill. Embracing the weekend and not letting go, at least not until Monday comes around!

(0.23 carat oval-shaped Pale Pink rustic Diamond flanked by 0.005 carat diamonds set in 14 karat Rose Gold.)



Sunday is a day filled with mixed emotions: a day of thanksgiving spent with family but it also means the end of the weekend. We try to chase the rest and relaxation we need before hustling for work again. During this time, let’s remember to slow down and smell the roses! Let us recharge ourselves by appreciating the here and now. The Sunday three-stone Rose cut Diamond ring is preparing to bloom for the coming week.

(0.70 carat Rose cut rustic Diamond flanked by 0.03 - 0.04 carat Rose cut diamonds set in 14 karat Rose Gold.)

With all that is happening, we learn to welcome and appreciate each day. What makes every day different and unique is how we live it. Carpe Diem!